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Business of Furniture - September 22, 2021

  •   KIRKBRIDE: Where Do I Hang My Coat at NeoCon? And Why Did Humanscale Decide to 'Pass' on an Event it was Never Going to be a Part of? - For the first time, NeoCon will be held in the fall. As a Midwesterner, I would love to tell you how you should dress for a fall event in Chicago. But that's nearly impossible as the weather in early October could literally be 80 degrees and sunny or 40 degrees with cold rain.
  •   Understanding a Behavior-based Approach to Workplace Design — Emotions are Playing a Bigger Role - It's about getting away from the idea that if an office is designed for the masses, it will work for everybody, that it's the best that can be done.
  •   Design Trade Shows in the New Normal: Vibrant, Curated, Purposeful: Reactions from an Industry Getting Back Together in Celebration of Product - There really is nothing like being able to experience a product in person, and while technology is phenomenal and at times underused in augmenting those experiences, memories are tied to our senses.
  •   OM Looks Forward with New Collections - OM's story and those of its customers will be on full display at NeoCon, where books and words will play a central theme in the showroom's design.
  •   Reviving Work at the Office: In-person Connections Combat Burnout and Spark Collaboration - It's very difficult to create social capital in remote settings. The ability to collaborate in-person, to build meaningful work relationships through informal interactions contributes to a thriving work environment.
  •   supersalone: A Bet Won Thanks to Courage, Vision and Cohesion - The presence of many government and institutional figures was also testament to the importance of the Salone del Mobile.Milano as a financial driver of Italy.
  •   Mannington Commercial Completes Purchase of AtlasMasland Assets - Mannington Commercial will continue to offer a wide array of the products from AtlasMasland. While some products will not be carried over, a large portion will be.
  •   Virco Reports 5.8% Increase in Net Income for Second Quarter and Record Backlog - Net sales were $59.0 million for the second quarter of fiscal 2022, a slight decline from $59.5 million for same period of the prior fiscal year.
  •   Environments' Elevated APP Unlocks Healthy, Intuitive Spaces Through IoT - The app is driven by proprietary software that leverages Environments' nearly five-decade design and lighting solutions expertise, smart systems knowledge and IoT product capabilities.
  •   Stephen Says - "Yes! I Am Going To NeoCon! Stop Asking!" - by Stephen Viscusi - Yes of course I am going: I wish people would stop asking me! I would not miss it for the world, and I hope everyone goes. I think NeoCon, transcends theMART show alone, and yes, I get it, It is not NeoCon per se, but lots of people will be in the West Loop at Fulton Market.
  •   Upfront: New Representation - DAN BINFORD & ASSOCIATES Joins Groupe Lacasse U.S. Sales Team - As part of its strategic initiative to continue to grow its share of business in a hyper-competitive marketplace, Groupe Lacasse has appointed a new independent, multi-state Rep organization responsible for the sale of commercial and healthcare products in the states of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania.
  •   NeoCon Spotlight: 2020 to Set Up In-Person and Virtual Booths at NeoCon 2021 - Visitors can meet the team in person, discover what's new with their products and leave with 2020 goodie bags. They will also be hosting a special VIP customer event at 5:30 p.m. Oct. 4 on the second floor of the Merchandise Mart at Marshall's Landing.
  •   Fresh New Energy from 9to5 Seating - 9to5 Seating's new showroom was created by acclaimed Chicago design firm Kuchar Design Studio with the goal of creating a clean, gallery feel that can be embellished and modified over time. With curved platforms and rugs in natural shapes, the space aims to be both modern and inviting, in synch with the brand's seating.
  •   HAT Collective Offering "Happiness at Work" Continuing Education Unit Course at NeoCon 2021 - With the modern workplace continuing to evolve in complexity, the course offers a timely perspective on the essential role designers play in creating happy work environments. Participants will learn, among other topics, the science and psychology of happy workplaces and how product choice and control contributes to worker happiness.
  •   PLACES - Premico Offices – Helsinki; Mint & More Creative designed Premico Group's new office located in the heart of Helsinki.
  •   INDUSTRY PULSE - //3877, NELSON, One Workplace New Hires, INDEAL Cares Survey, ISG Rebate, OM Seating Level 2, OFL Overcomes Challenges, Tangram Donates, J.D. Ewing Lauded, Hightower Showroom
  •   FIRST LOOKS - New Creative Designs from Carl Hansen & Son, Morbern New Vinyl, Lighting from Landscape Forms, Blå Station Plybord, Allora from Cortina Leathers
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Midpoint Magazine - Mid-September, 2021

  •   JIM HEILBORN | THE SEVEN LEARNING STYLES AND SELLING - Too many companies don't invest enough time and money on proper orientation and training. They want instant success but aren't willing to pay for it.
  •   KAY SARGENT | SOLUTIONS FOR THE POST-PANDEMIC ERA - The past 18 months have been a helluva ride, but it's not over yet. The silver lining of the past year may be that it's given us an opportunity to think beyond the challenges at hand and take a much more holistic look at how, when and where people work.
  •   STEFANIE INCE | THE ROLE OF LEADERSHIP IN HEALTH - Leaders have an extraordinary opportunity to fundamentally change the way their employees live and work — and the overall quality of their lives.
  •   ROB KIRKBRIDE | BACK TO (THE MOST FUN) SCHOOL WITH INDEAL U - Things are changing so much in the industry right now, INDEAL U is needed more than ever by those hoping to keep up.
  •   EUGENE COLBERG | WORKPLACES BEND, NOT BREAK IN POST-COVID ERA - The coronavirus pandemic has been a shock to the system in many negative ways, however, it's great to see a completely unexpected evolution of the workplace come out of it that will ensure safety and productivity for years to come.
  •   WHERE I'M WORKING — BREWDOG DOGHOUSE HOTEL - The DogHouse Hotel is a surprisingly good place to work, especially if you're traveling while COVID-19 is still spreading, since there is a huge outdoor seating area.
  •   GOODMANS STRIVES TO IMPROVE EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE TO 'RETURN OUR EMPLOYEES BACK TO THEIR FAMILIES...IN A BETTER CONDITION THAN WE GOT THEM IN THE MORNING' - "What we've doubled down, tripled down on and continue to believe is that our purpose, the reason we exist, is to create a great employee experience for people."
  •   INDEAL OPENS LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE REGISTRATION TO ITS DEALER MEMBERS - "Our goal is to provide critical knowledge that helps members move beyond many of the challenges they've been facing, so they can confidently look towards a more promising future," said Dave Bloch, INDEAL CEO.
  •   MARK BAKER NAMED CEO AT SANTA CLARA-BASED ONE WORKPLACE - Baker is a former executive at Steelcase who has led One Workplace through growth of technology and construction divisions, the initiation of workplace culture consulting and the company's expansion into other markets, including Sacramento and Salinas, California, and Seattle, Washington.
  •   INDEAL CARES SURVEY SHOWS PANDEMIC TAKES TOLL ON MENTAL HEALTH; BACK PAIN STILL A PROBLEM - The survey, launched in June 2021, aimed to understand both the self-reported well-being of individuals working in a variety of roles within the industry, employee intentions and wishes for returning to the workplace safely in a post-COVID world.
  •   BOS TAKES TRAINING TO NEW LEVEL WITH WORKSPACE DIGITAL; HELPS CREATE CONTENT FOR INDEAL U - BOS and its Workspace Digital division proved it can create digital content to get people up to speed quickly. Now it is doing the same for INDEAL U.
  •   WHAT WE EXPECT FROM NEOCON: VIEWS FROM A VETERAN AND A FIRST-TIMER - Both Pat Gosselin and Kalie Soris come from Interiors for Business, a Steelcase-aligned dealer in the Chicago area, but they are about as far apart on the NeoCon spectrum as two people can get. Gosselin, president of the company, is ready for his 30th NeoCon and Soris, its young marketing coordinator, is preparing to attend her first. Here's what they had to say about the show.
  •   AIS EXPANDS DESIGN DEPARTMENT TO HELP DEALERS - Over the past few months, the department has hired two new designers with a combined 25-plus years of experience. They bring a broad-based skillset with a focus on designing corporate and educational interiors.
  •   SURVEY: AS WORKPLACES REOPEN, 42% OF WORKERS FEAR GETTING COVID - Survey respondents rank a flexible work location as the most desired aspect of a new job, prioritizing it slightly over better pay and career advancement, the two traditional drivers of job changes.
  •   REVIEWS | ORIGINAL PRUSA MINI+ 3D PRINTER - You would be hard pressed to find a more powerful little printer for less than $500.
  •   REVIEWS | COTOPAXI ALLPA 35 L TRAVEL PACK - We found the Cotopaxi Allpa 35 L nearly perfect for every business travel situation. The pack meets carry-on size restrictions for most airlines, so it is a great size for air travel.


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